Thursday, November 25, 2010


I do not think words can describe just how excited this gal is. Black Friday has finally decided to GRACE me with it's sweet presence! Ok maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but not much! I am pretty excited! So here is the plan-- I am meeting up with Mitchell around 11 to get some "pre-shopping food" and then we are heading out to Walmart. We are gettting there just in time to get all the amazing doorbusters that start at 12 on the dot! After that, we are going to make our way over to the frozen aisle to sit and wait for two TV's that are on sale. (There is no one else I would wait with for 4 hours in the FROZEN aisle...Just Sayin'!). Anyways, If If IF I make it through this, we will head out to a couple different stores that Mitchell has his eye on & hit up IHOP. ;) After all of this, I will probably drag myself home and pass out for many, many hours!
This will be my survival!

Good luck fellow shoppers!

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