Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday = EXHAUSTED Saturday!!!!

As you read in my previous blog, last night I went shopping ALL night for Black Friday. I don't think I have ever been so tired in my life! It was sooo worth it though! Mitchell took about a 3 hour nap before we met up, but I couldn't sleep--I was just too excited! We met up at 11pm (on the dot) & went straight for the coffee! But since Starbucks was close, the Pilot just had to suffice. After coffee, we headed straight for Walmart. We got there about 11:30 and searched for the "doorbuster" items that we wanted to rip open at midnight. There was nothing I was looking for in particular, so I waited for one item that Mitchell wanted for his adorable little neice & nephews while he waited for another. I got off lucky with an item that not many people were in line for; so, when the clock struck midnight, I calmly grabbed my item. Poor Mitchell on the other hand, had to fight off 30 or more ragging mommas trying to grab the new "Leapster" for their babies--I just loved it! ;) After that, we rushed around the store trying to find any other good deals before they were all gone. Around 11:50 we got in line for two 32'' Emerson TV's that were on sale MAJORALY. Here was the thing, we had to wait in line until 2am to get the wristbands that said we were guarenteed a TV but, we couldn't actually pick the TV's up until 5am. Therefore, we were not able to leave the line until 2am (when we got our wristbands) but we had to be back to pick up our TV's at 5. So we were able to roam around until 5. Confused yet? Me too. :) Sooo this is what we did while waiting on our wristbands:
We were not tired yet! Luckily, we got to stand in the salad dressing aisle rather than the freezer section! :)
Finally when 2 rolled around we got our wristbands and headed to IHOP!! Let me just say I do not recommend IHOP to anyone on Black Friday! It was SLAMMED! But we got our food, ate, and headed back to Walmart! This was around 4am and I was starting to get VERY tired & possibly a little grumpy too! :( Mitchell was very peppy and awake though! Here is us around that time:
As you can tell, I was very sleepy. Although, some one else was WIDE AWAKE. =P.
After we received our TV's, Mitchell insisted that we take one more stroll around the store. Being the loving girlfriend that I am, I agreed even though I was a walking zombie. :)
I ended up getting in bed around 6:45am and I slept until about 1pm. I had so much fun this year at Black Friday and I cannot wait until next! :) Goodnight!

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